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Bitter Mike’s Baseball Bites – Week 5

Greetings Everyone!  By the time you read this we will be at the halfway point of the Regular season!  So, LET’S DO THIS! As a guy in his mid-fifties who’s been watching Baseball since before the advent of Free agency, you may think that I’m an old school fan who …

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Bitter Mike’s Baseball Bites – Week Four

Greetings everyone!  We’re more than a third of the way through the season (if you’re not FLA, STL or CIN) and yet most teams are still within shouting distance of making the expanded Playoffs, so LET’S DO THIS! The Cardinals were able to shake off the RONA, only to see …

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Bitter Mike’s Baseball Bites – Week THREE

(Editor’s Note: I’m trying to come up with a regular format. Last week we went over each league, but frankly I found that boring.  For now, I’m going to serve up random thoughts about what I saw this week in the Bigs, but I will keep my “Giant Rants” frankly …

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Bitter Mike’s Baseball Bites – Week TWO+!

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for the delay in getting this out, so let’s get to it! In the AL East, as expected, the Yankees are putting everyone else in their rear view mirror.  Gerrit Cole has been dominant, Judge and Stanton are healthy and locked in; The Rays are not hitting …

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Bitter Mike’s Baseball Bites – Week 1 Recap

Greetings everyone!  WE MADE IT!  THE 2020 BASEBALL SEASON HAS STARTED!  Thanks to all the Players, Managers, Coaches and Staff for making this happen!  This country needed it considering all that is going on.  LET’S DO THIS! Continuing in the spirit of cooperation, right before first pitch of the Nationals-Yankees …

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Bitter Mike’s Baseball Bites – MLB Preview Edition

Hello, Everyone!  I hope you enjoyed Monday’s update!  Send me an email with questions or comments.  Remember to keep them civil and clean! Today’s episode will be the obligatory and (most likely) way-off base predictions for each division and thru the playoffs, with a quick hit on each team.  Teams …

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