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HD PODCAST — #6 — A Budding Feminist & Snakes on Kirby!

If it wasn’t for dysfunction, it’s hard to say what the Texans might look like! Your Houston Texans look clueless right now as they strike out with their GM search as the one guy they wanted – can’t get out of his contract apparently. However Henry suggests that this idea of no GM isn’t cause for panic…

In light of it all, if Cal wants to reassert his dominance, and really, I’m not even sure that he does at this point – but if he does – there’s only ONE move to make that would SHUT everyone up.

Then there’s the Rockets – who look as lost as the Texans do – and you’ve got an albatross, err, aging Point Guard with a contract so massive that it’ll take a miracle – or some really stupid GM – to make that trade. Although if there’s anyone savvy enough to do it – Daryl Morey is the guy.

Finally, we get into the latest on the Malaysia 370 flight’s latest report – and Henry has only ONE question about it. Plus, my daughter has a message for a new segment of HD Show fans…. It’s all here Baby! Enjoy…

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