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HD SHOW PODCAST – BG EDITION – Texans Aren’t Fooling Anyone… Yet.

You knew we had to do it. We wouldn’t be doing our part if we didn’t……. Much like 99.3 percent of Houston when the news came down on a hot and steamy late Afternoon Friday News Dump – Henry and I were stunned to find out the Texans dumped Brian Gaine as their GM.

So what does it mean moving forward? Henry and I both believe it has less to do with Bill O’Brien and more to do with Cal asserting his position over the team…… Provided he does just that. But – for those quick to point out – there’s a new “Sheriff in Town” with Cal McNair and that he’s not his father when it comes to running this team – can you honestly say that if the reports are true that BoB will continue to have more control?

We discuss all that plus more Finals predictions, Tyreek Hill’s status with the Chiefs and the ONE thing that Pat Mahomes needs in 2019 to keep balling….

Lots to dive into folks… Let’s do just that. Enjoy.

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